The Hobbit: Battle of five armies – a review

I’ve just watched the latest Hobbit film and I really must send out my heart given thanks to Peter Jackson for such a breath taking conclusion to an epic tale. The story of the Hobbit isn’t just about rings, dragons and wizards but of friendship, morals and some awesome fight scenes. The final Hobbit film is a wonderful journey which will transport you to Middle Earth where you will stand alongside dwarves, elves, wizards and Bilbo Baggins himself to watch the final battle against evil.

The film begins with Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch) decimating Lake town. It is a sight to behold – with unmatched special effects and a dragon so real I was shaking in my seat – the opening scene was nothing to scorn. It was, as I have said, a phenomenal film. I couldn’t have thought of better actors to have played the parts of the various characters. Orlando Bloom’s performance was legendary and Martin Freeman will go down in history as the Hobbit who made millions of fans cry.

And when the tears have finally cleared from your eyes – who doesn’t want to go to New Zealand after watching the Hobbit? The views where incredible! With camera shots that showed a vast expanse of pure water stretching out for miles before coming to tickle the sky – lapping at the horizon and velvety green hills so enormous standing next to them would make you feel like you own little dwarf, New Zealand is next on every Hobbit watchers holiday list. So – my complements to the camera crew!

However, the film was not without fault. The first thing that struck me, as the film finished and the credits began, was the line ‘based on the works by JRR Tolkien’ should probably be replaced by ‘based loosely on the works by JRR Tolkien.’ Now, I mean no offence but, the Hobbit is barely 400 pages – and many parts have to be embellished to make it into three 2 1/2  hour films! That is to say: it is about as accurate as the book to film adaptation of Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix (although that was, admittedly, the other way round – it was shorter not longer). But, I do not feel like I have lost 2 1/2 hours of my life; so, inaccurate it may be – it was a fantastic film!

Now one point I have to make, as much as I loathe to, is the fight scenes. Or rather the inaccuracy of them. Much as I love a fight scene, the ones in the Hobbit, though great, where unrealistic. The elves didn’t fight – they danced. Twisting this way and that – like they where in a ballet – it was clear the scene had been orchestrated. It was a wonder *more* of them didn’t die, the orgs could have easily killed them while they did their little pirouettes. And when the Elf leader rode into battle on a moose  (yes, a moose), gathering up five Orcs on its horns and then beheading the lot of them – really! Mighty cool it was but believable? I think not.

So overall the finale of the Hobbit trilogy is, to put it into the words of the 9th Doctor, ‘Fantastic!’ And the film beginning where it started – but with subtle changes, and the theme concerning Hobbits in the background was a masters touch. This was just what was needed to finished off a new twist on an old book. Thank you Peter Jackson.

One thought on “The Hobbit: Battle of five armies – a review

  1. I agree the film is jaw dropping; but still prefer the book!!:) I am really glad they didn’t change much though; as the last film slightly disappointed me:l :l
    If you liked this try the Lord Of The Rings book and film as you might really enjoy it!!:)


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