A holiday in Switzerland

Switzerland. Have you been looking for a diverse yet picturesque place to spend your holiday? Look no further. Just a few hours away by plane, with English speaking residents and a fascinating local culture, Switzerland is also the place to go for a romantic getaway. So why not read on and find out more about what Switzerland has to offer?

Bored? Not anymore!

In Switzerland there are so many things to do. From tranquil, open air springs that can only be compared to floating on warm, steamy clouds, to savouring the many different wines on offer – not that I would know lots about that!  One of my favourite things to do in Switzerland is to go shopping. Switzerland boasts an eclectic array of shops, selling all types of delights. From sentimental trinkets to the latest pair of designer shoes, there’s something for everyone.

Amongst the many opportunities for the children is the fantastic fun provided by the play parks all over the country. These wide open spaces offer vast expanses of beautiful green land for them to run around in; the wide variety of play equipment is second to none and the clean mountain air will invigorate the entire family. And if you’re looking for culture, then you’ve found it. Switzerland has a rich and diverse history which you can explore by visiting one of Switzerland’s many historic chateaux. By stepping into these wondrous buildings (which are an architect’s dream) you can immerse yourself in the country’s fascinating past.


Feeling peckish?

I challenge you to go hungry during your stay in Switzerland. From chocolate to cheese – and everything in between – there’s something to tantalise everyone’s taste buds. Perhaps you could visit the cheese factory discovering how cheese is produced and follow this with a fabulous fondue or a rapturous raclette. Or perhaps you have a sweet tooth? Switzerland is renowned for its unique blend of creamy, sumptuous chocolate. Made with the finest milk produced by Swiss mountain cows, Swiss chocolate is sweetly smooth in your mouth. But no adventure into Swiss cuisine is complete without a mouth-watering slice of Swiss roll – Switzerland’s traditional cake. Made in either plain or chocolate (the chocolate being Switzerland’s finest) this moist, luxurious cake will leave you desperate for more. And for those of you with more refined tastes, Switzerland’s wine is produced from hand-picked grapes originating from Switzerland’s own extensive vineyards. The sharp, dry tastes of the local wine will enhance any culinary experience. So, with all this and much, much more, it’s not going hungry that’s the problem – it’s the choice.

What’s that I hear?

As you sit, absorbing the surrounding Swiss beauty, you hear a deep, rumbling, clanging sound. What is it? Well, if you enter the depths of Swiss culture in mid-November you will be just in time for the descent of the cows from the mountains known as transhumance. Or perhaps during the warmer months of May, when the formally snowy mountains are just big cakes with a dusting of icing sugar on top, you could watch the natural inhabitants of the Swiss Alps return to their higher pastures. Whether you go in November or May, the cows are a sight to behold. With so many people watching and lines spreading a mile long, the magnificent beasts will promise a show. Hundreds of them passing by – with the word elegance and grace being personified by… cows, of all things! And on the day these black and white giants parade, the streets are full of stalls showcasing items you most definitely won’t have at home. I, for example, have on my mantelpiece an authentic cow bell – a souvenir and poignant reminder of my time in Switzerland. And you can purchase valuable and interesting items for so little! So, when you decide to go to Switzerland, May/November is a good time to go.

Now you see me, and wow!

Switzerland is full of some wonderful sights; from Lake Geneva, a glistening expanse of water, to the isolated calm of Mürren; the views in Switzerland are unmatched. With a serenity one can only dream of, the peace of Switzerland is deafeningly silent. Switzerland’s views really are legendary and varied. The views from the mountain tops are breath-taking and the south westerly village of Zermatt is untouched by people, pollution and ploughing of farm land. The area, though quite a trek, encompasses ancient architecture and a wide range of Swiss culture.

So, if you’re looking for your next family holiday or romantic destination, look no further; everything you could ever want is here, in Switzerland.

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