Lottie Forbes-Laird interviews our new Head Girl

Ellen Lovell has been at the school ever since it merged. She was a High School Girl before she became a BGS girl.
At her Brownies, she was a young leader, and found this a very positive experience. She enjoyed working with younger people and collaborating with their thoughts and ideas.
When asked,” What’s it like in the 6th form?” She answered,
“It’s fun; you get to focus on your favourite subjects and it is very different to the rest of the senior school. The relationship between teachers and pupils is also very different. I feel that the teachers respect you more, treat you more like an adult, which in itself helps develop great independence skills.”
About her future she said, “My role model is Emma Watson. Not just because of her role in Harry Potter, but also because she does a lot for women’s rights, which I feel is something we should present more. As a job I think I would like to go into marketing and business, as I love Economics. The subjects I particularly revel in are my languages and Economics. I like Economics because I feel I can relate it to the world, which helps me to understand it more.
“I have a long list of universities, but I am particularly fond of Durum, so we`ll just have to wait and see!”
As Head Girl, Ellen has lots of innovative ideas, for example she would promote women’s rights more around the school, as this is something she feels quite partially about. She also thinks that we need more interaction between the older and the younger years, as she thinks that BGS has a strong community feel to it, and wants to make that even stronger.
Ellen admits that although she is not the best public speaker, she hopes that doing big assemblies will help with that and has been recently trying to step out of her comfort zone to improve this, for example by taking part in the school Spanish play. She also wanted to go for it because she also wanted the practice of decision making for business, which is a vital element of the GLG team.
She is extremely excited about being Head Girl, a little bit nervous but in a good way.
In the Interview to get into the team, she actually thought it went really badly.” I kept stumbling over words, and at one point, I actually stopped speaking altogether! There was just this really awkward silence!”
However, when she found out, she was beyond excited! “I was in the car on the way to Young Farmers, when I got the email. I screamed, squealed, cried rung ALL my relations and above all, I couldn’t stop smiling!!”
Ellen is already good friends with the other GLG members, and they all get on really well. “Also I think it is vitally important that we all have our own thoughts and ideas, so we can cover more things.”
Ellen does a lot of dance, especially ballet, whilst her hobbies are Young Farmers and Water Skiing! “Some of my first memories are of me water skiing, I have always loved it. I’m just waiting until it gets warmer so we can start again!”
Ellen does IB, which she says really helps link things all together. This holistic approach enables girls to do a wider range of things, and some at a higher level.
“This school is amazing. You don’t really realise this unless you experience being here an all the opportunities it offers you. The teachers here are the best; they really go out of their way to help us and I for one really appreciate that.”
“The extra -curricular club choice is brilliant, I love the wide and varied range, there’s something for everyone!
“My main value is smiling! I cannot express how much I love smiling!” If you know Ellen, then you will probably agree. She was smiling all the way through our interview and really made me feel welcome.

I loved meeting Ellen. She was bubbly, and a really likeable person generally and she could smile for England! Her favourite saying is “HAKUNAMATATA!” She really likes the idea of stopping worrying, and enjoying life! Ellen is very sociable, and a really nice person; And I think she will make a superb Head Girl and make an excellent contribution to our school.

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