School Days

At home I uncomfortably knot my tie

Wishing the day would zoom on by

I slip on my smart polished shoes

Really feeling the Monday Blues.

Maths is the first lesson today

I wish I was a million miles away

From algebra, fractions, division, the lot

My stomach is tying itself in a knot.

It’s break time, at last

But it seems to fly past

All good things in life do

Regrettably that’s true.

English is next, at least that’s better

Our task is to practice writing a letter

But what’s the point, it will never get sent

There are much better ways for my time to be spent.

Now it’s time for History

It never makes any sense to me

All those dates and wars and kings

Plus lots of other boring things.

Lunch now, phew!

I stand impatiently in the queue

To get my sausage, beans and mash

Then gobble it down in a flash.

Spellings are next

They get me really vexed

I go err, umm and emm

How d’you spell “abhorrent” again?

The final lesson’s Geography

Unfortunately for me

Maps are just so confusing

I end up slumped on my desk snoozing.

Hallelujah and hooray!

School is over for today!

As soon as I get through that door

I’m free and my life is mine once more.


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