CYE Sailing Camp

By Ellie Simester 

This summer my sister, two friends and I all went to CYE sailing camp in Chichester.

CYE stands for Christian youth enterprises, it’s aimed at kids aged 9 to 18 who want to learn more about God and enjoy water sports.

At CYE there are loads of fun things to do, for example; sailing, canoeing, kayaking, powerboating, activity courses, archery and lots more. You stay on a converted boat with great facilities but spend almost all of the day outside.

The reason CYE stands out from other summer camps, is that it is designed for young Christians. Everyone who goes to CYE is interested in God, the camp has daily worship sessions, age based discussion groups, Christian volunteers, prayer groups and it is all done in an entertaining way so that you find it interesting and inspirational.

CYE is so much fun and everyone who goes loves it, so I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has an interest in God and enjoys active summer camps and water sports.

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