I look around my little 8 by 8 room and realise how much of a prison it is; the society won’t even let me have anything in it other than my bed, they think that having a picture on the wall or a photo by my side, just a simple reminder of my life before I came to know these sterile, cold unfeeling walls as home well if I even had one well back to the point they think that anything but the essentials to live  will make it harder to fade but that’s what makes me so powerful.They underestimate me.

They think that without their guidance I would crumble like the ruins in ancient Rome but they have no idea of what I’m truly capable of. They made me who I am and who am I well I am nobody, I am nix and I am the best assassin there is for no one can foresee nothing, I am undetectable, untraceable I am truly shrouded in shadows so much so that they have become the only place where I don’t feel like some science experiment gone wrong. The fade is the only place that I am free. The beauty of being in the fade is that logic doesn’t apply to me I can walk through walls, I can fly and that’s exactly what I do, while wandering through the halls of the society’s headquarters I hear a voice, its Jeanine’s and one of the sensors they’re normal people who have the ability to sense nulls. Janine’s the one who runs the society, the one who gives me my targets, my kills. I slip into the room and the two even don’t notice but then again no one can notice my while I’m in the the fade I’m untouchable become stronger no

When I look at what they were doing I realise that they were looking at a folder with information and a picture of a girl in. It says her name was Claire Ryan. “she must be a null” I thought but she looked innocent although so had my third kill Evan Sykes and he was the one who kept all those children locked up in his basement like pets he was my favourite to kill but maybe now I have a contestant for his place. I force myself back to the present, back to the picture of Claire and that’s when I see the word at the bottom of the page…omega; it means too dangerous to be close to. It also means kill from afar, no knives or even my personal favourite poison it is honestly the perfect weapon for someone like myself it is quick, deadly and most importantly poison is silent well except for the sounds of my victim gagging .I sigh it means I will have to shoot this one, it’s not like I don’t like shooting my aim is perfect my instructors made sure of that but I like to see them die up close and personal. I find a trigger those are the memories that have such a strong emotion attached to them that they pull you out of the fade triggers are the thoughts that ground you to reality for me it’s the memory my first kill, its name was Twyla, she was just a kid I almost couldn’t kill her but I was weak then. I’m stronger now.matter what it took no matter how much pain I was in, no matter how hard I sobbed, no matter how much I begged,no matter anything

I sidle up to Jeanine and whisper in her ear “my kill” my voice so low it mixes in with the sound of the generator humming in the background . She looks somewhere over my shoulder where she probably thinks I am standing and says “you shouldn’t leave your room when not on an assignment nix” in a disapproving tone much like that of a mother scolding her child. “My kill” I whisper once again but this time my voice has a sharp edge of impatience and want and need and desire lacing the edges like a deadly silk, after a few moments she replies with one word, one word that fills me with a special kind of ecstasy the kind I can only get from preparing for a kill “yes” she says. Straight away I start to prepare and soon I find I am standing outside Clair’s house looking while pointing my gun into her bedroom. Through her window I could see her reading curled up on a pillow in the corner of her room, she looked sickeningly sweet just like all of them, all nulls I mean humans who don’t feel compassion or empathy or well any emotion other than the overpowering need to be centre stage at all times, the urge so strong that they will kill to get in the limelight.

Even though it was obvious she was a null and an omega one at that there was something stopping me from pulling the trigger and after a few minutes of studying her delicate form she glanced up her whole body visibly stiffening. Slowly, cautiously she got up and gingerly made her way to the window and peered around the half closed curtain her eyes scanned the horizon and her body seemed to go lax well that is until her crystalline blue eyes landed on my figure. Then it seemed as if all humanity had left her and she had become a statue like the one you see in sculpture galleries we stared at each other for what seemed like eternity but in reality was probably on a couple of seconds until she seemed to make her mind up that I was a threat to her wellbeing which should have been a pretty obvious decision as I was still pointing a gun at her straight at her heart yet something was stopping her from running other than the knowledge that her inevitable death was drawing  near  something else was stopping her something that very much resembled what had stopped me from shooting her earlier. A little voice whispering inside our minds that this was wrong that the position we are in is wrong but yes she still decided I was dangerous to her plan of staying alive for as long as possible and the best way to stop danger was to scream a pretty dumb choice considering she was the first person to ever see me while I was inside of the fade but still horror movies could never be wrong could they ( please note the sarcasm dripping of my voice). After that I made a hasty exit as I was still visibly shaken that she could see through the fade no one has ever done that before. It seems that she has finally called 999 which is probably the first intelligent decision either of us had made all day. “well I can’t go back to her house today can I” I state to myself in an angry tone “I shouldn’t have let her go I had a clear shot and this would be all over and I would be back in my room while she lay on her bedroom floor eyes unseeing with a layer of gloss iced over them the ends of her hair matted with blood which would also be surrounding her entire body staining the floor boards beneath her eternally sleeping form”   I probably can’t go back to her house for at least three weeks now with the police crawling all over her neighbourhood not to mention that her parents never left her side.Claire was undoubtedly the most powerful null I had ever come across little did her parents know what a monster they worried over,she had them completely wrapped around her little finger.well until we meet again claire and I promise you we will meet again And this time only one of us will be leaving…

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