Harry Potter Day – part of English Forever Week

It’s not exactly the first thing you expect to see on a Monday morning- your form teacher wearing a lopsided, blonde wig and a florescent green jacket and skirt. But that’s exactly what happened last Monday as I dragged myself into school. It woke me up at least; and I remembered why a few of my teachers had decided to dress up. It was Harry Potter day!

Part of the annual English Forever week, Harry Potter consists of constant reading aloud in the assembly hall and a parade of dressed up sixth formers and teachers waltzing round school, fake wands twirling in their fingers. 

I was lucky enough that my English teacher decided that listening to Harry Potter was more important than the technique of persuasive writing, and we went down to the hall to listen.

Every year the props, design and general ‘wow’ of the assembly hall on Harry Potter day increases. This time the same oversized, wooden chair and table stood in the middle of the stage surrounded by stacked books, a globe, a oil lamp and draped wizarding cloaks. But it seemed to have improved so much I felt like I was standing in the middle of Dumbledore’s office, (I wish).

This time round, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was being read aloud and when I went up to take part, poor Nearly Headless Nick and Colin Creepy had been petrified. I’m not sure if the book got finished by the end of the day, but there’s always next year to finish it off!

Apart from the reading of Harry Potter many other things had been arranged around the school. For example, the dining hall had been redecorated to include scary props, from lanterns to pumpkins. And it didn’t matter that they were mostly recycled from Halloween because it was great to see the whole school had whole-heartedly jumped into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

The lucky sixth formers got to dress up along with the teachers and I looked at them jealously as they walked down the halls with various Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin scarfs.

The whole day was a success, and it was disappointing the next day to see the dining hall back to normal, the sixth formers wearing their uniform and most upsetting; my form teacher not looking hilarious in full Rita Skeeter gear. However, it seems, to matter how much I wish it was, BGS will never be Hogwarts. And maybe I’m kind of glad about that.

I don’t think I’d ever stop laughing at the teachers’ new clothing choices.

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