Should 16 year olds get the vote?

Our system today is corrupt.
16 year olds are able to get married, have children, move out, all whilst their GCSES are taking place. What about their future? If they don’t get good grades how will they be able to raise these families they are creating in a healthy environment, where they can afford to eat and have a comfy bed to sleep in?
The vote, Should 16 year olds should be able to vote? No! They are still children they aren’t yet at the legal age to drink alcohol which shows they aren’t responsible enough.
They won’t yet have their own view it will be their parents as that is what they have been told their whole lives. At 18 they become independent and their views may well change. At this age the vote would be unjust as their parents would make them vote for their views which would make the votes unfair.
We are giving these children too much freedom. Say we let them have the vote. Next year people will be outraged so it will go down to 15 and so on. These 16 year olds will get too big for their own shoes and will start requesting for more things which will cause a lot of distress as they should be focusing on their studies.
The average life expectancy in the UK is 82 years. They still have over 3/4 of their life to go how can they be mature enough? They are being given too much responsibility already so let’s not make it more so.

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