Shadows By Lily Kotecki, Year 7

I was running. It was dark and I was running, to the point where the soles of my feet were aching. It was getting closer. As I ran I noticed a door in front of me, but as I dashed towards it the creature chasing me took a swipe that hit my arm. As I looked down at my bloody mangled arm, I urged myself to carry on. But there was no point. As I reached the door and grasped the handle, pulling myself up, the creature hit me again. Everything went black and then…BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ
‘Ok, ok! I’m up, I’m up!’ I was in my bedroom and James was calling me. I answered the phone ‘Hey James-‘
‘Poppy where are you?’ He babbled to me.
‘Wait, what….ohhh!’ I replied as realization hit me and I quickly stood up. ‘I’m coming!!!’ I continued to say whilst leaping to my wardrobe.
I had just remembered, it was the first day of the holiday and I was meant to be at the skating park with James and Elly.

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