The Murder by Noor Malik, Year 8

My heart was pumping. Pumping so hard it hurt. It was dark. I couldn’t see anything. All I could hear was thumping and screaming. And my own whimpering…..

A few minutes before….

There was banging on the door. We stopped for a minute.

“Let me in!” A voice screamed. Annie told me to hide. “What about you?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine. Go now!”

I quickly ran to the cupboard in the lounge and went inside of it. The door burst open and he came inside. I could vaguely see what was happening through the lines of the door.

“Let me go,” screamed Annie. I could see him. It was a man dressed in black. His hair was blonde and his eyes were filled with evil. He threw my sister on the floor and pulled a knife from his pocket. Tears started to form in my eyes; my body began to shake. I had to be quiet otherwise I was going to be the one dead. He slowly came towards her who was laying on the ground. Annie tried to push him away… but she couldn’t. I wanted to kill him myself… but I knew what would happen if I did. I stood there. Completely still. Petfried. Scared. Angered. He stood on her leg and kneeled down. His fist pummelled my sisters face. The man slapped her repeatedly. All I could hear was screaming and the noise of Annie’s hand against the floor. He wouldn’t stop. She lay helpless on the ground. And I stood in absolute terror. More and more tears fall from my red eyes. It was like a river flowing out of me. Before I knew it, she was covered in blood. Her face was blue and tears were streaming down her face. I knew she could see me.

“I love you,” she mouthed. He then got the knife and stabbed her. Again. Again. Again. I couldn’t bear to look at the sight. It made me want to be sick. He started stabbing her again. Until she lay there. Like a dead animal on the road. Completely lifeless. The man stood up and made it to were I was hiding. I closed my eyes and tried not to make a noise. He came. Closer and closer every second. His hands as on the doorknob. Now it was my turn….


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