Flash Fiction

Before Christmas, some of the girls in WriteOn! tried flash fiction, that was taught by the sixth formers. Following are two examples of what the girls wrote.

Noor Jameel- 8CCH

I walked towards the building, but the closer I got, the more a strong stench of blood invaded my nose. When I approached the door it didn’t take me long to realise that it was already open! I bolted in and out of every room, which left me with the largest bedroom. I sprinted into the room, and there I saw my dog laying on the bed. I sighed with relief. I thought he was asleep, but he was much more than asleep. I could only see him in my dreams now.


Amber Chaudary 8CCH

Today I found myself in the Kitchenette, in the fridge eating food. I was drinking coke. Then I went to the lounge with my coke. Eventually I went to the garage and went to go to eat food because the garage has food storage. I went to my bedroom to my bedroom to the bed and eventually fell asleep. I dreamt of something, something magical… Something, something, something…


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