Interview with Ms Rogers by Charlotte Parnham, Year 8

What is your favourite book?
My all-time favourite read would have to be Alice in Wonderland.
It appeals to children and as a young girl I loved both the book and the Disney film, but as an adult you can enjoy the complexities of the characters and the clever use of language. For
example did you know that the idea of a “Mad Hatter” was based on a real condition
suffered by hatters? Mercury was used to process the felt hats used in England around
Lewis’ time. Erratic, flamboyant behaviour was one of the most evident alterations caused by mercury. (Others included excessive drooling, mood swings, various debilities.)

What genres and styles do you like particularly?
I have a passion and love for Comics and Graphic Novels. When A Monster Calls was
recently made into a movie I loved the way they paid tribute to the artists work by
incorporating his illustrations throughout the film.

Why do you want to be our librarian?
It’s probably easier to say why I became a Librarian. I studied Art and to support my
education worked at my local Public Library. Here I caught the bug for books and
information research. I love finding an answer. Satisfying a request. It’s a little like being a detective. You never know what you will be asked or where you will find the answer, but when you do there is a real sense of achievement.
Working at BGS involves supporting the girls. Finding their ideal read, supporting them in their studies, sourcing books and periodicals. It also involves supporting teachers in much the same way. Underpinning the processes is the same desire to satisfy a request and find a solution to a problem.

Have you ever read any really boring books?
I don’t think a book can be described as boring. It is true to say that not all books are of
interest to everyone, that’s why it’s so important to try as many authors and styles as
possible. Maybe you prefer non-fiction to fantasy, newspapers to comics or horror to
romance. I don’t believe it when people say “I don’t like reading”, I just think they haven’t found the right book.

As an example of finding fun in a dry book, I recently introduced my daughter to the
Dictionary Story game. Take a standard dictionary and with your eyes closed, completely at random, select four words. Once you have your four words make the funniest, scariest or most imaginative story you can, incorporating those key words.

What type of books do you feel girls at BGS like to read?
Books are as unique as their reader, and the girls at BGS are independent, confident and
intelligent young ladies. As a result they read a broad spectrum of titles and authors. It has pleased me to see how many books the girls borrow and how much they enjoy reading.

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