The Deep – by Lily-Anne Hyem, Year 7

There I stood with the bitter wind whooshing past my face, the drops of water splashing on my toes. I could see fish leaping out the water alongside the boat, the scorching summer sun hot on my face, the magnificent ocean stretched out as far as the eye could see, I stood there watching the dolphins leap elegantly out the water, as night began to fall I saw a bubbling coming up from the deep dark depths of the sea, an eye appeared; what was it? and then suddenly this huge shadow came up from beneath the ocean, a majestic, amazing whale I stared at the creature in awe and in that moment I captured the entirety of this massive mammal, the beauty of its expressive face and eyes as I looked closer at this beautiful creatures face I could see a sadness, like he was trying to tell me something, but then with an almighty splash making a tidal wave and the water turn white and frothy he was gone, leaping over the waves off to the distance, I raced towards the cabin where my dad was sitting on the bed reading a newspaper “Guess what I saw” I shout “ a whale, a real whale”

“Calm down Pearl” he insisted. “You need to go to sleep if you want to help tomorrow”

It was early morning I could hear the waves rushing at the boat hitting it with such force it shook. I whipped some clothes on and raced towards the front of the boat, within minutes we were motoring towards the shore, my eyes stared at the water, I could see it all along the shore the nets that tangle all the fish with no escape, the plastic bags that turtles eat and, all the general household rubbish like bottles, straws and tin cans that kill our beautiful sea life. I jumped out the boat and started to snatch and grab all the rubbish. I was out there all day with my dad picking it up, but didn’t make much difference as the tide would then bring in another load, it was like a full garbage truck being dumped every time.  I didn’t have to do research I had seen it myself, been there before trying to save this suffering sea life. I have been untangling turtles, dolphins and fish since I was young and still it had not got any better.

When we had finished collecting rubbish, the sun was slowly setting to its bed under the sea where under the waves a world awakes, as we were on the way back out to sea feeling better about ourselves I saw a dark figure it looked like a massive rock I shouted to dad to swerve, but as we got closer, I saw not a rock but the whale the amazing, majestic whale, plastic surrounded it, the tears rolled down my cheeks and splashed on my toes.

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