The Ghost Story, By Noor Jameel Yr 8

I woke up to a loud banging noise. Each time the noise became louder
my heart was pounding even faster . I tentatively krept towards the front
door where I could see a monsterous silhouette, which looked as though
it was looking right at me .

Before I could seize the phone to call the police, I heard the sound of
glass smashing; I looked to my right and saw a brick covered in a pile
of shattered glass. Without even looking at the fragmented window, I
bolted back into my room and hid under the bed .

Minutes, that felt like hours, had went by and I could hear nothing . Just
as I decided to get out from under the bed, I heard a piercing creek and I
saw the door open. I tried to hold my breath, trying not to scream, as I
could see his big, black boots right in front of me.

After a few minutes, I could hear the man leave the room and without
hesitating, I climbed out of the window. But it was a trap. Just as I
managed to jump out of the window, I realised that I was face to face
with another prodigious person who was wearing a daunting white mask.

I tried to escape, but it was too late. By now his hands were already
grasped onto my arms which were being taped together. I looked away
for a split second and, everything was the same except for the fact that
the man had disappeared I made my way back into the house but the
window was no longer broken and the brick had disappeared too; but
the tape on my arms was still there.

I looked outside the window and the sun was already beginning to rise .
This was not just a dream.

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