In the Ring -J.K Rowling v Rick Riordan

Eden Werner puts your favourite books into the boxing ring.In this edition, Eden pitches J.K.Rowling’s most famous wizard, Harry Potter, against Rick Riordan’s demi-god, Percy Jackson. Who will win? Read on to find out!

In the ring we have J.K Rowling, renowned for her ‘Harry Potter’ fantasy series, and Rick Riordan author of the ‘Percy Jackson’ series. In this match we will decide who is the king or queen of fantasy books. So in the left corner we have the Harry Potter series, based around a boy who discovers he’s a wizard and slowly uncovers the mystery about his lightning scar, a series rejected 14 times by publishers and now selling millions. And in the right corner we have the Percy Jackson series, based around (again) a boy who discovers he is something amazing; a demi god. Son of Poseidon but half mortal as well he goes on quests determined to impress his dad. So, who will be taken down and who will be the champion? Read on to find out. Continue reading