I look around my little 8 by 8 room and realise how much of a prison it is; the society won’t even let me have anything in it other than my bed, they think that having a picture on the wall or a photo by my side, just a simple reminder of my life before I came to know these sterile, cold unfeeling walls as home well if I even had one well back to the point they think that anything but the essentials to live  will make it harder to fade but that’s what makes me so powerful.They underestimate me. Continue reading


When you mention the word ‘poetry’, you will probably get mixed reactions from people. For some, poetry is a beautiful and descriptive way of conjuring up a story, a situation, feelings or images. For others, it is a confusing jumble of words that seem to make something straightforward very complicated. But, in actual fact, there is poetry all around us that we enjoy every day – song lyrics, messages in greetings cards, nursery rhymes, adverts, jingles and well loved quotes. When you come across a piece of poetry that you like, you will often find yourself wanting to know more about what the words mean and why they affect you. It may be the rhythm, or lack of it; it may be the style of the language used to create effect; or it may be the use of literary devices such as similes, metaphors and alliteration to make the poetry more interesting and meaningful. Some poems you will like and others you won’t, but that is no different to art. The key is to try and appreciate what the poet or lyricist has tried to achieve and then decide for yourself whether or not they were successful.
A poem really come to life when it is read aloud by someone who really loves and appreciates it. Today was an opportunity for me to listen to a number of poems chosen by the year 9 girls based on what appealed to them. The judges judged how well each poem was interpreted and delivered. All the girls gave a great performance, some were funny and some were serious but the winner was Sarah Beard with a great reading of ‘ Caged Bird’ by Maya Angelou.

CYE Sailing Camp

By Ellie Simester 

This summer my sister, two friends and I all went to CYE sailing camp in Chichester.

CYE stands for Christian youth enterprises, it’s aimed at kids aged 9 to 18 who want to learn more about God and enjoy water sports.

At CYE there are loads of fun things to do, for example; sailing, canoeing, kayaking, powerboating, activity courses, archery and lots more. You stay on a converted boat with great facilities but spend almost all of the day outside.

The reason CYE stands out from other summer camps, is that it is designed for young Christians. Everyone who goes to CYE is interested in God, the camp has daily worship sessions, age based discussion groups, Christian volunteers, prayer groups and it is all done in an entertaining way so that you find it interesting and inspirational.

CYE is so much fun and everyone who goes loves it, so I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has an interest in God and enjoys active summer camps and water sports.