More Than A Book Series

If anything I would describe the evolution of the internet as a positive thing, as it has led to positive exposure to current issues concerning today’s society. No one is able to pull wool over our eyes this time. But is this exposure the downfall of human society, all privacy lost through lack of censoring? Some may feel this way, but this lack of control governments have over their people has led to a more well-informed young generation. Throughout history the information fed out to the people would have agreed with certain standards set by higher people in society, views contrasting with theirs would be censored; when such views did surface, revolutions sparked and controversy caused. Even those who haven’t seen the films nor read the books have some understanding of the plot behind the franchise.

On the 22nd May a military coup was established in Thailand, causing a negative reaction by the Thai people. On the 1st June the ‘three fingered salute’ as seen in The Hunger Games franchise was first unveiled and since the people of Thailand have been using this gesture to show their opposition to the coup. This salute is commonly shown in the books as a sign of resistance against an oppressive government; the resistance against the oppression the Thai are facing emulates the oppression felt in the book towards President Snow. The dictatorship role President Snow holds in the books allows him to oppress the Districts with use of military force, alike the Thailand coup. As shown in the clip below, the salute is used in this scene to show respect towards Katniss, an individual who through creating a wreath surrounding the character of Rue is indicating to the Capitol (government) that she was more than a piece in their games.

This opposition to the coup has tried to be shut down through closing politically affiliated television stations and blocking hundreds of websites. The salute has been banned and as a result large numbers have been arrested after ignoring warnings to lower their arms recognizing the salute as a threat towards the government.

“If a single individual raises three fingers in the air, we are not going to arrest him or her,” Colonel Weerachon Sukhondhapatipak (a spokesman for the ruling junta) told the Associated Press. “But if it is a political gathering of five people or more, then we will have to take some action.”

This recent prohibition of “Mockingjay” in Thailand and China has shown this franchise to be more than just a new saga for adolescents, but a franchise that holds important subject and meaning in this generation. This isn’t a story about superheroes, just ordinary people who fight their government for freedom. It symbolises as a warning of what the world is becoming and how our reality could improve. This relatable nature of identification with the characters has granted oppressed people hope and courage to fight for a better future because waiting till tomorrow won’t suffice. Ever wonder why everyone loves this series except people with power? Now you know.

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