Interview with Ms Rogers by Charlotte Parnham, Year 8

What is your favourite book?
My all-time favourite read would have to be Alice in Wonderland.
It appeals to children and as a young girl I loved both the book and the Disney film, but as an adult you can enjoy the complexities of the characters and the clever use of language. For
example did you know that the idea of a “Mad Hatter” was based on a real condition
suffered by hatters? Mercury was used to process the felt hats used in England around
Lewis’ time. Erratic, flamboyant behaviour was one of the most evident alterations caused by mercury. (Others included excessive drooling, mood swings, various debilities.)

What genres and styles do you like particularly?
I have a passion and love for Comics and Graphic Novels. When A Monster Calls was
recently made into a movie I loved the way they paid tribute to the artists work by
incorporating his illustrations throughout the film.

Why do you want to be our librarian?
It’s probably easier to say why I became a Librarian. I studied Art and to support my
education worked at my local Public Library. Here I caught the bug for books and
information research. I love finding an answer. Satisfying a request. It’s a little like being a detective. You never know what you will be asked or where you will find the answer, but when you do there is a real sense of achievement.
Working at BGS involves supporting the girls. Finding their ideal read, supporting them in their studies, sourcing books and periodicals. It also involves supporting teachers in much the same way. Underpinning the processes is the same desire to satisfy a request and find a solution to a problem.

Have you ever read any really boring books?
I don’t think a book can be described as boring. It is true to say that not all books are of
interest to everyone, that’s why it’s so important to try as many authors and styles as
possible. Maybe you prefer non-fiction to fantasy, newspapers to comics or horror to
romance. I don’t believe it when people say “I don’t like reading”, I just think they haven’t found the right book.

As an example of finding fun in a dry book, I recently introduced my daughter to the
Dictionary Story game. Take a standard dictionary and with your eyes closed, completely at random, select four words. Once you have your four words make the funniest, scariest or most imaginative story you can, incorporating those key words.

What type of books do you feel girls at BGS like to read?
Books are as unique as their reader, and the girls at BGS are independent, confident and
intelligent young ladies. As a result they read a broad spectrum of titles and authors. It has pleased me to see how many books the girls borrow and how much they enjoy reading.

Flash Fiction

Before Christmas, some of the girls in WriteOn! tried flash fiction, that was taught by the sixth formers. Following are two examples of what the girls wrote.

Noor Jameel- 8CCH

I walked towards the building, but the closer I got, the more a strong stench of blood invaded my nose. When I approached the door it didn’t take me long to realise that it was already open! I bolted in and out of every room, which left me with the largest bedroom. I sprinted into the room, and there I saw my dog laying on the bed. I sighed with relief. I thought he was asleep, but he was much more than asleep. I could only see him in my dreams now.


Amber Chaudary 8CCH

Today I found myself in the Kitchenette, in the fridge eating food. I was drinking coke. Then I went to the lounge with my coke. Eventually I went to the garage and went to go to eat food because the garage has food storage. I went to my bedroom to my bedroom to the bed and eventually fell asleep. I dreamt of something, something magical… Something, something, something…


Shadows By Lily Kotecki, Year 7

I was running. It was dark and I was running, to the point where the soles of my feet were aching. It was getting closer. As I ran I noticed a door in front of me, but as I dashed towards it the creature chasing me took a swipe that hit my arm. As I looked down at my bloody mangled arm, I urged myself to carry on. But there was no point. As I reached the door and grasped the handle, pulling myself up, the creature hit me again. Everything went black and then…BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ
‘Ok, ok! I’m up, I’m up!’ I was in my bedroom and James was calling me. I answered the phone ‘Hey James-‘
‘Poppy where are you?’ He babbled to me.
‘Wait, what….ohhh!’ I replied as realization hit me and I quickly stood up. ‘I’m coming!!!’ I continued to say whilst leaping to my wardrobe.
I had just remembered, it was the first day of the holiday and I was meant to be at the skating park with James and Elly.

School Story By Ishani Patel, Year 9

Tick. Tick. Tick. I could hear the analog clock that was placed on the wall, and the sound of the second hand beat inside me like stones being thrown against a hard brick wall. A quick glance around the room, showed that the rest of the pupils shared my enthusiasm for the class to end.

‘12:13, almost there,’ I thought to myself. Each minute took an eternity, but there was only a little while to go. ‘12:14, one minute and I’m out.’ The frustrating wait gave me the urge to scream aloud, but I held my breath, feet towards the door, like everyone else.

Tick. Tick. ‘Just a few more seconds.’ RING! In a synchronised anarchy, every student flew to their feet, chairs slamming in a deafening cacophony and numerous teenagers bumped into one another, attempting to leave as soon as possible, as if they were late for something important. I could hear the teacher trying to instruct the craze to “walk don’t run” but they couldn’t hear her over the rumble of footsteps on the polished floors of the school.

I, a sensible student, normally waited for the stampede to clear out, as to not be a part of the madness. I was noticeably alone, but I didn’t mind. However, hanging at the back of the classroom, I noticed I had a guest today – someone else who didn’t fancy being crushed by a mob of teenage feet. The petite girl, donning the same uniform every other girl at the school did, dropped her gaze from me, as soon as our eyes met.

There was silence for a moment. Then the teacher cleared her throat and we both looked up, simultaneously. The girl started walking towards the door, quickly. I followed shortly after.

The hallway was empty now. I could faintly hear the chatter from the lunch hall on the other side. My shoes were squeaking, loudly. Funny, it didn’t do that before!

I stopped walking, but the squeaking didn’t stop. I looked down at my shiny schoolboy shoes. It definitely wasn’t me. Then the noise stopped. I looked up and jumped. The girl was standing in front of me. “Sorry,” she muttered and shuffled the rest of her way down the corridor. I just stared at her, strangely. However, my nose sniffed the tasty food steaming from the open door of the cafeteria, so I followed the scent.

The moment I walked through the doors, I immediately wanted to turn back. There was a food fight going on and I really wanted to miss this one out. A pie landed spat on the cream-painted wall behind me and a mustard covered hotdog almost knocked me out!

“Yikes!” I spun around and my classroom companion was fleeing her way back down the corridor. I picked up a tray and dumped a jacket potato with cheese onto my plate – I was really hungry but there was nothing else. Then I slipped out the hall, unnoticed.

I walked around the school, trying to find a spot to eat. I remember my first day here quite vividly. I didn’t know my way around and thought the school was a maze! But now I know it’s not like that. It’s actually pretty neat.

I saw in the distance, a small faint shadow sitting on the grass outside. There was nowhere else to go, so I reluctantly stumbled my way over to the figure. She looked up at me again when hunched up next to her. Her lips parted slightly and I managed to catch a small whisper uttering “Hello.”

I plucked up my courage to ask her: “What’s your name?” I’m not scared to talk to girls.

“Oh… I’m…. Tina…… I’m new,” she stuttered quietly. She looked down at her small, well-kept hands. I smiled at her then my tummy rumbled. I laughed, embarrassed, then started wolfing down my meal. I was like a ravenous beast! I glanced to my side and became aware that Tina wasn’t eating. I realised she didn’t have anything! I felt ashamed of myself.

“I…um” she murmured “forgot lunch money…”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “You have half of mine”

Tina’s eyes lit up like shining stars. She took one look at the buttered potato, then gratefully took half away. She swallowed her food down, and I did the same. Then, Tina looked at me, shyly. “Thank you.” I smiled and thanked her back. Together we walked down the corridor, together.

And we’ve been friends ever since.


The Murder by Noor Malik, Year 8

My heart was pumping. Pumping so hard it hurt. It was dark. I couldn’t see anything. All I could hear was thumping and screaming. And my own whimpering…..

A few minutes before….

There was banging on the door. We stopped for a minute.

“Let me in!” A voice screamed. Annie told me to hide. “What about you?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine. Go now!”

I quickly ran to the cupboard in the lounge and went inside of it. The door burst open and he came inside. I could vaguely see what was happening through the lines of the door.

“Let me go,” screamed Annie. I could see him. It was a man dressed in black. His hair was blonde and his eyes were filled with evil. He threw my sister on the floor and pulled a knife from his pocket. Tears started to form in my eyes; my body began to shake. I had to be quiet otherwise I was going to be the one dead. He slowly came towards her who was laying on the ground. Annie tried to push him away… but she couldn’t. I wanted to kill him myself… but I knew what would happen if I did. I stood there. Completely still. Petfried. Scared. Angered. He stood on her leg and kneeled down. His fist pummelled my sisters face. The man slapped her repeatedly. All I could hear was screaming and the noise of Annie’s hand against the floor. He wouldn’t stop. She lay helpless on the ground. And I stood in absolute terror. More and more tears fall from my red eyes. It was like a river flowing out of me. Before I knew it, she was covered in blood. Her face was blue and tears were streaming down her face. I knew she could see me.

“I love you,” she mouthed. He then got the knife and stabbed her. Again. Again. Again. I couldn’t bear to look at the sight. It made me want to be sick. He started stabbing her again. Until she lay there. Like a dead animal on the road. Completely lifeless. The man stood up and made it to were I was hiding. I closed my eyes and tried not to make a noise. He came. Closer and closer every second. His hands as on the doorknob. Now it was my turn….


Road Trip Trouble by Kittey Short, Year 8

It was a windy day when Layla decided to go on a road trip. Layla was a 15 year old girl who had green eyes, blonde hair and loved pink. She had an older sister called Jess, now Jess who was 19 and was very different to Layla for starters she has brown eyes, black hair and loved black. So when Layla asked Jess if they could go on a road trip.                                                                                                            “Don’t wear pink or I will drop you off on the side of the road!” Jess snapped Layla relied “Uhh fine I’ll wear blue. And you will wear dark green.” “Fine by me,” Jess said excitedly.

So the next day they went on a road trip in Jess’s black Audi. Layla didn’t like her car but she could put up with it for a day. While driving they got a puncture and had to call AA to come and fix it but it was worse than they thought. They had to have a hire car, which was a dark blue Range Rover. Jess loved this car so did Layla so all was good. They were driving until they arrived outside Jess’s best friend, Kayla’s house. Luckily for Layla, Jess’s friend’s little sister, Riley, was her best friend. So together they went into Riley’s 14 acre garden. They had the most epic game of hide and seek, then they played sardines with Jess and Kayla. But it was getting dark so all went inside and watched a movie then they slept overnight. In the morning Kayla agreed that they all go on the road trip in Jess’s hire car. They drove around most of London and back home to Jess’s house.                                                   “That was so awesome!” screamed Riley “I know right.” Replied Layla “We should be getting going I’ll ask my dad to come and pick me up.” Kayla suggested “Ok see ya later.” Jess waved goodbye

It was three months later when Riley went missing. Kayla rang Jess at 7:00 in the morning saying Riley is not in her bed. So Layla and Jess went to their house to look for her they even called the cops and said that a girl had gone missing!                                                                                                                                       “When my mum hears about this I’ll be dead,” explained Kayla. “Just calm down it’ll be ok,” Jess said reassuringly. Layla shouted “Hey guys what’s this! It looks like a note.”                                                                                  

It says:

“Guys its Riley here there are some weird guys parked outside and there putting up a ladder to my room I heard them say if someone’s in there take to the warehouse. HELP ME.

That day they looked for warehouses. They saw one it was black. The door was open so they crept inside. They saw three men and Riley tied to a chair, Riley’s eyes were bleeding so was here mouth you could see they had broken her wrist. She was trying to scream but had a towel in her mouth. She was trying to cry but she had no more tears left. They had cut her leg with a knife but they were feeding her. They were trying to make her suffer.

Immediately Layla excited and called the police but she told them to come with their sirens off, so they did. When they arrived they had police all around the building. Chief went in and shouted “Hands up!” they ran all three men ran, only to get caught and handcuffed as they went out the door. There were eight girls they’re all dying with broken bones. All 9 girls were taken to hospital they all survived the men on the other hand had a life sentence in prison.

4 years later all 4 girls lived in the same house, they always made sure that everyone was safe.



Valleys of Endearment by Alice Cooke, Year 12

If it is not love, our hearts coincide,

That everlasting pulse of a flutter;

Sweetens as thy smile blossoms red roses,

To the valleys of the nights fallen music,

Tripping notes arise with the spring thy bring,

And fall, yet, at the sharp winters to come.

Thine beauty of Aphrodite’ bestowed,

Commoves the starlet to shine so brightly.

Thine twinkle in both thy eye’ compares not;

To the luminous rubies a man’s heart must wish.

Impending tenderness nourish the hearts of fools,

If this is which a man feels sumptuous,

And it is not love, rather a desire of a fool,

If it is not love, must be men are all?