The Serpent’s Song- Anna Hull, Y12

Slyly sloping, slinking slither

Squirming creatures screech in fear 

Slipping through the slats unseen

Slash and splatter, slice and smear


Slit their throats and slurp the blood

Seeping out like stinking sap

Slope away when sight recurs

Slide serenely, sudden snap


Scabbed with sulfur, sweating pus

Smoke secreted, searing fumes

Soaking into sodden sands

Sacrificed, so stand their tombs


Silver tongues, salacious lust

Sadists sated to seduce 

Simpletons so swift untrussed

Scintillate, constrict the noose


Soulless swine in stupored seats

Sacred sanctums soon defiled

Sundry saviours shall cease

Sightless seers now beguiled


Someplace shall sustain the strain

Sibilance seeks to prolong

Shaken souls supporting sin

Singing soft the serpent’s song

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