Why? 9/11

Watching these magnificent buildings fall to ashes makes me feel sick to my stomach. Too many lives are being lost, too many innocent and oblivious people. The screams ring in my ears. All I see is ash and fire. The ash is the only peaceful thing here, delicately drifting down. The heat of the fire warmth’s my brow but the flash of sirens, almost blinding me, keeps me in reality. It all overwhelms me and I feel tears trickle down my cheeks.

My husbands in there, my father. I keep trying to push through the stampede. The more they resist me getting to them, the more sadness I feel, the more tears I cry. I yell out in agony when I realise I can’t get to them. All they wanted was breakfast! Why? Why is life so unfair? All I have left to do is scream; scream at the top of my lungs. So much I can’t feel my vocal chords.

I see people falling from the layer of impenetrable smoke. One lands meters away from me. I cautiously make my way over. I take a deep breath and look down, tears rushing off my face…

My husband.

crying-eye-2                By Sophia Baker 9DMA

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