Mad About Harry- By Ellie Simester, Year 12

Harry Banks is smiley and cheeky 10 years old who is well know and loved by lots of girls at BGS. Just before Christmas Harry was told he’d had a neuroblastoma relapse, which is incredibly rare. He has fought this type of cancer twice now, and has bravely endued chemotherapy, radiotherapy and even brain surgery.

However, even though the NHS has been amazing, there are no further treatment options available for him in the UK. He urgently needs funding for a groundbreaking clinical treatment abroad. To give Harry this chance we have to raise half a million pounds in the next seven weeks. The English Rugby team have already gotten involved, as well as Alister Cook (ex-english cricket captain) and the high street brand Misguided. Harry is an amazing boy, and deserves any change you can spare to fund his treatment in America. Every little helps, so please please donate and help us to share his story.


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