Road Trip Trouble by Kittey Short, Year 8

It was a windy day when Layla decided to go on a road trip. Layla was a 15 year old girl who had green eyes, blonde hair and loved pink. She had an older sister called Jess, now Jess who was 19 and was very different to Layla for starters she has brown eyes, black hair and loved black. So when Layla asked Jess if they could go on a road trip.                                                                                                            “Don’t wear pink or I will drop you off on the side of the road!” Jess snapped Layla relied “Uhh fine I’ll wear blue. And you will wear dark green.” “Fine by me,” Jess said excitedly.

So the next day they went on a road trip in Jess’s black Audi. Layla didn’t like her car but she could put up with it for a day. While driving they got a puncture and had to call AA to come and fix it but it was worse than they thought. They had to have a hire car, which was a dark blue Range Rover. Jess loved this car so did Layla so all was good. They were driving until they arrived outside Jess’s best friend, Kayla’s house. Luckily for Layla, Jess’s friend’s little sister, Riley, was her best friend. So together they went into Riley’s 14 acre garden. They had the most epic game of hide and seek, then they played sardines with Jess and Kayla. But it was getting dark so all went inside and watched a movie then they slept overnight. In the morning Kayla agreed that they all go on the road trip in Jess’s hire car. They drove around most of London and back home to Jess’s house.                                                   “That was so awesome!” screamed Riley “I know right.” Replied Layla “We should be getting going I’ll ask my dad to come and pick me up.” Kayla suggested “Ok see ya later.” Jess waved goodbye

It was three months later when Riley went missing. Kayla rang Jess at 7:00 in the morning saying Riley is not in her bed. So Layla and Jess went to their house to look for her they even called the cops and said that a girl had gone missing!                                                                                                                                       “When my mum hears about this I’ll be dead,” explained Kayla. “Just calm down it’ll be ok,” Jess said reassuringly. Layla shouted “Hey guys what’s this! It looks like a note.”                                                                                  

It says:

“Guys its Riley here there are some weird guys parked outside and there putting up a ladder to my room I heard them say if someone’s in there take to the warehouse. HELP ME.

That day they looked for warehouses. They saw one it was black. The door was open so they crept inside. They saw three men and Riley tied to a chair, Riley’s eyes were bleeding so was here mouth you could see they had broken her wrist. She was trying to scream but had a towel in her mouth. She was trying to cry but she had no more tears left. They had cut her leg with a knife but they were feeding her. They were trying to make her suffer.

Immediately Layla excited and called the police but she told them to come with their sirens off, so they did. When they arrived they had police all around the building. Chief went in and shouted “Hands up!” they ran all three men ran, only to get caught and handcuffed as they went out the door. There were eight girls they’re all dying with broken bones. All 9 girls were taken to hospital they all survived the men on the other hand had a life sentence in prison.

4 years later all 4 girls lived in the same house, they always made sure that everyone was safe.



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